Seven Jazz - The Leeds Club for Quality Accessible Jazz


We’ll be having more of our informal summer jam sessions and band performances this summer featuring the club's friends and supporters’ music in late July/ August. The first set will be the band at 1.30pm, then it will be followed by a jam session 3-4pm. Do come and join in, or just watch the fun! The bands are - 
  • July 30 Tom Welsh band. Tom is both a physicist and an electric bass player - so expect some jazz quarks! 


  • August 6 Jean Watson collective. You'll have seen Jean singing at many venues in Leeds, she also runs our jazz workshops (and our raffle!)


  • August 13 Jeff Hewer group. Jeff hails from Toronto, now a resident of Chapel A and a fine guitarist 


  • August 20 Phil Green’s “Game of Pairs. Phil is a flugelhorn player who runs the "Quiet Jazz Project". This gig will feature ‘paired solos’ - two soloists playing at the same time.


  • August 27 Steve Crocker's reunion quartet. Bassist and Seven Jazz organiser Steve with some friends from the Loire jazz summer school. Steve Mullarky is on drums, Will Powell on guitar. 


Summer Jazz Jam-borees: Sunday afternoons @Inkwell 1.30pm (band) and 3.00pm (jam session) £5,  kids under 16 free